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20Mar16 - Alright gang ... the first few revamped pages of are now complete ! I'll tell you, it's not as simple as copying and pasting the old stuff onto the new pages. It's a seriously lengthy undertaking. I've got some new details to share, some new pictures and even some new video that really brought a HUGE smile to my face, the first time I saw it.
   Starting today, some of the old pages are no longer going to be accessible while I revamp and rewrite them. I apologize, but it's a necessary step in order ensure the new pages are done right and consistently. I'll get them back up as soon as I possibly can.
   So, what's on tap for the 2016 revamp ? Well, I've developed a new page and gallery to show the Aged & Signed Frehley Burst guitars with a ton of help from my good friend, John Phillips. This page and gallery was John's idea and I'm really happy with how it's turned out ! Remember ... if you own one of those beauties, send me some good quality pictures ... front, back, top & bottom.
   Additionally, I was recently contacted by one of the front-line designers/builders of The 300 !!!! He's already shared some really cool information with me, that I'll be sharing with you as I re-write The Story of The 300 page.

  Speaking of "The 300" ... That is really just a "tag-line" and/or name that I came up with for this site to differentiate those specific guitars from the Gibson USA production models. The funny thing is; that phrase has become a recognized and accepted name in guitar circles, all over the world, for the original 300 Ace Frehley Custom Shop Les Pauls that came out in 1997 !!  The guitars that were the original inspiration behind my creating this site. I see "The 300" being used on The Les Paul Forum, on e-Bay, Reverb, Craigslist ... all over the place and I'm very flattered. So, I just wanted to extend a very big "Thank You"  to all of you that have and continue to support my site and our mutual admiration for Ace Frehley and his guitars !!!

Thanks for all your continued support, from all over the world !!!!

Talk to ya later ...
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