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May 2022

  The 300 we're still looking for pictures ... But, thanks to my good friend, John Phillips, they keep coming in !!! Please remember, we have to be able to verify the serial number as well, so please be sure to include a good, clear shot of the back of the headstock that show it !!!! E-mail then straight to me ... .

  The Frehley Burst Archive is still incomplete as well !!! We need to find the Aged & Signed "Ace Frehley #11"
and "Ace Frehley #35". A few more pictures of "Ace Frehley #13""Ace Frehley #20" and "Ace Frehley #25" would be great to have !!!!

  TC Harrison has built the Facebook page, which is a 'sister' page to my website. It's AWESOME !!!!!
Who's TC Harrison you ask ? Fair question. He's the guy that designed and built The 300, with Ace, as a custom builder at Gibson Custom. Here's the link to TC's Facebook page ...

Kiss Night in Las Vegas - 2018                                                                                       Kiss Night in Las Vegas - 2019
Talk about an unexpected honor !!!                                                                  Although I didn't get to perform with him,
My very first performance at Kiss Night in Vegas                                               it was an honor to get to hang out with
and who's behind me on the drums ??                                                                  legendary Frehley's Comet member,
Ace Frehley's former drummer, Scott Coogan !!!                                                                                  Todd Howarth !!!

                                                                         Kiss Night in Las Vegas - 2018

As always ... Thanks for all your continued support, from all over the world !!!!

Talk to ya later ...
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